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Whether it is sales and marketing for the unwanted assets from a major sporting event, the decommissioning and removal of kitchen and other machinery prior to new installations, or simply the demilitarising, dismantling and disposal of military assets in hostile environments - RAMCO are your team.

Asset Management
Ramco are able to offer a wide range of Asset management options including simply purchasing your unwanted assets, selling them on your behalf and/or managing the complete process of evaluation, marketing and sales, wherever you are.

Auctioneering Services
Working with the UK MoD, US Department of Defence and other major clients for the past 17 years Ramco has extended its unique sales and marketing offering to include a wide range of additional services to further support their ever growing customer base..

Decommissioning Services
Why not challenge us to appraise your latest project and offer you our unique combination of service delivery supported by over 20 years sales and marketing experience.






Asset Management

To meet the varied needs of our customers, ensuring we always maximise the potential of their assets we offer three options.

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Option 1
Outright Purchase

We are happy to purchase your stock outright. This option is a fast and no-hassle option when you require a quick solution. If you want cash fast, then we’ll make you an offer to buy it. Send us the details, together with any photographs. If necessary we will arrange to come and view the stock whenever convenient.

Option 2
Re-Sell Solution

Share the profits! – As an alternative to an outright purchase, we offer a range of solutions including partnerships and contract terms for either longer term disposal arrangements or those wishing to share the risk and reward. We will evaluate, remove, market and sell your stock. An agreed percentage will be returned to you.

Option 3
Complete Disposal

Ramco are able to provide a complete managed process from end to end, whether it be due to insolvency, a company closure, relocation or simply just a surplus of assets we can manage, plan, market, sell, reutilise and ultimately deal with any resulting residual waste ensuring our customer’s entire objectives are fully catered for.


Auctioneering Service


Ramco’s in-house Professional Auctioneering team begins each project engagement with a full asset appraisal, financial forecast or valuation. The team has over 100 years of combined asset disposal experience and currently handle the asset disposal needs for the UK Ministry of Defence, US Department of Defence, HM Prison Service, MET Police, Heathrow Airport, The BBC and many other leading UK companies.

We will appraise all of your assets based upon age, condition, grade, environment and operational history in order to provide a reliable and accurate asset recovery figure.

We offer our clients a variety of valuation and appraisal services including the provision of complete asset registers, individual asset valuations, valuations of IPR and for liquidation and/or restructuring purposes.

Working alongside www.bidspotter.co.uk, www.ibidder.co.uk and for specialised items www.thesaleroom.co.uk we offer a wide variety of auction types including timed auctions, sealed bid tenders and live auctions, which can be offered in over 150 countries worldwide to an audience currently in excess of 450,000 potential buyers.

Our aim is simple – “to help you meet your objectives”

We aim to provide a professional engaging service, and will work tirelessly to meet all of our client’s needs. We operate throughout Europe and will manage projects from start to finish, from initial discussions, inspections and valuation through to ensuring equipment is managed professionally, decommissioned and disposed of correctly to meet your objectives.

Whatever your need, why not give the Ramco team a call to discuss your requirements.

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Decommissioning Services


Ramco has the experience to provide reliable and cost-effective decommissioning services that are customised for your schedule and designed to help your operations.

Each project is overseen by an experienced decommissioning manager, we are able to deliver a consistently high standard of decommissioning service, in full compliance with CDM regulations, across a wide range of markets.

Our Services include:
• Decommissioning
• Dismantling & Asset Recovery
• Material Management & Recycling of materials
• Plant and equipment salvage

When decommissioning Ramco’s management team work closely alongside our customers to identify which aspects of their facilities they wish to retain. These will then be carefully dismantled, or protected during wider demolition works, and then dismantled at a later stage. All projects involving decommissioning and dismantling processes are individually tailored to the customers’ needs, and the needs of the project in question, whether we’re dismantling a single piece of equipment, kitchen area, or an entire facility.

Our dismantling and asset recovery service allows our customers to maintain existing aspects of their facilities, either for resale or reuse. Our highly skilled dismantling team can ensure these assets are protected and dismantled in a safe and controlled manner, meeting all current legislative and Health and Safety standards.

Our team is currently able to evaluate projects across the whole of the European Community.

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Ramco are always interested to hear about your project and how we can help. So for more information, contact one of our friendly team with your enquiry, we will take a look at the details and respond with our best solution for your needs



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